Valentines Special-❤️…

I am gonna be honest, I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day… I don’t hate it I just don’t celebrate it haha. Plus mine and Ryan’s anniversary is on the 9th feb so we tend to focus on that anyway- I wrote a post on our celebrations here.

However, I don’t think you need to spend lots of money or do anything extravagant, I feel you can easily make a special night in and save loads of money!! ❣️

For the meat eaters I got a special beef joint to cook as Ryan loves his meat. I don’t normally eat a lot of meat and I previously used to be a vegetarian, but I do eat meat every now and then! If you wanted to make a veggie dinner then I recommend the new quorn Swedish meatballs and spaghetti! That would make a perfect valentines dinner for one or two 😉.

The meat was from Sainsbury’s and was called “beef topside joint with salt and pepper on the crust” and it was £5 I think… I wanted to keep it healthy so I am cooking it with some veg- my choice is green beans and broccoli. But you can have whatever you want, you can add roast potatos or even chips with it too! Then final touch will be to cover in gravy 😍.

Anyone else feel like someone off masterchef when they cook and put their food on a plate? 😂 (I do love masterchef and I have learnt a lot from it- anyone watching it this year?).

Of course as well as food some other added extras to make your night special is some indoor heart sparklers (of course make sure you use them safely and have an adult if you are under 18!). But me and my partner loved using these, and they were also from Sainsbury’s (I am not sponsored haha).

Also I think treat yourself to some flowers, cause flowers are always nice whether someone buys them for you or you buy them for yourself! Personally I think flowers just make a room look so much nicer and they just make me happier!

Another thing you can do on your valentines date night (with yourself or a partner) is just get into bed and binge watch a series or watch a movie! Perfect for a relaxing evening.

If you don’t fancy celebrating that’s fine too, it’s just another day and most people will have work the next day so just think about that haha.

What are you doing for valentines? 

Happy valentines to you all, have a good one!❤️

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London Date- 3 year anniversary ❤️…

It is near valentines and I know there is a love/hate relationship with the day (I personally don’t celebrate it- but I see why people do or like to), and our anniversary falls just before it. February the 9th to be exact, the day Ryan asked me to be his girlfriend 3 years ago.

*disclaimer: I promise I will try not to be soppy haha* 

As a holiday this year we decided to book a trip to New York (like holy sh** I am still in disbelief), therefore our anniversary we just decided to explore London. This is because, New York is expensive and most of our money has gone towards that, so we didn’t want to spend lots of money going away. However, our original plan was to go to Brighton for the day (we love Brighton haha), but alas the trains did not want us to go- and to be quite honest I didn’t want to spend our day on replacement bus services… so London it was!

Firstly we made our way near the London Eye- there is plenty of things to do and explore around there. Of course there are all the typical tourist attractions too. Originally we had thought about maybe going to the Sea Life (as you can tell there may be a theme occurring with things just not wanting to work out for us this day haha), however we got there and it was £30 each. I mean I guess to some that may not be much, but to us we just didn’t feel like it would be worth it. Plus we had both been before so it wasn’t a big deal.

We then wandered along and went into the arcade they have (its where McDonalds is), and just had some fun in there. If ya can’t go to Brighton may as well pretend haha. I do love a good arcade- especially the basketball game, and this arcade has a tiny dodgems so it is pretty cool.

After this we were quite hungry so decided to stop off at TGI’s- and of course I had to get the bubblegum cocktail- it’s just so pretty and tasty haha! Whilst we were talking we decided that it might be cool to go check out “Ripley’s Believe it or not”- I have went a couple of times and thought it would be funny. However (can you guess where this is going…) when we got there it wasn’t there haha. I was confused and so had a quick google and realised it had shut down.

This didn’t stop us, we had a lovely day exploring and we also ended up in China Town (which I have always loved), and there was still Chinese new year celebrations going on, so that was fun to watch and experience.

Of course before we decided to go home we saw this cute doughnut shop. MY GOSH they were big dougnuts and very sickly. But we absolutely loved them! We both got a Nutella filled doughnut called “Prima donna?” (I think I am not sure haha), and it had brownies, smarties, a tiny oreo biscuit and a golden fredo- I mean what more could I have asked for?

Anyway, it was a lovely day filled with many laughs and it was nice for us to just reflect on our relationship and the last 3 years, but also what we want to achieve within the next year. I honestly could not have asked for a better boyfriend and best friend. Sometimes it’s the little things and experiences that you remember the most.

Time to spread some love… if you have a partner what is your favourite thing about them? If not where would you like to go on a date? 

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Gemm xx



Day in my life: spring clean…💁🏼‍♀️

I really enjoy writing these and reading other people’s, so I thought what better way to kick start February than with another day in my life. Feel free to check out my other posts here and here.

I don’t need to be at university today but I have scheduled uni work that I need to do and get done by the end of this week.

6:30am: A very early start today purely because this is when Ryan wakes up for work (and I do when I have work or need to be in uni), and I just can’t get back to sleep. Instead I got up made myself a tea and breakfast and sat in bed just watching some TV.

9:00am: I finally managed to get out of bed and had a little morning stretch and work out to wake up my body, and then I had a shower.

After this I got dressed and ready for the day! My outfit just consisted of this off the shoulder brown jumper and some leggings. Super chill for a work day at home!

11:00am: As my room really needed it I put on a timer (for 1 hour and 30 mins) and decided to spring clean my whole room. It went great and I still had 10 minutes to spare when I had finished the room!

My essentials I go around my rooms with are normally; a black bag for all the rubbish, my spray (filled with Zoflora), some Mr Sheen polish and a cloth.

I have been loving Mrs Hinch on Instagram (go check her out she’s fab) and so grabbed some of these items too- which I use around the house all the time!

After this I then went and made myself some lunch. Today I had a cheese toastie- nothing too exciting and watched the latest episode of Riverdale (I love it haha).

When I finished my lunch I had a little break and decided to get my book out and read. Currently it’s “lush” by Gabrielle Fernie. I have only just started it but so far I am enjoying it.

2:00pm: By this time I decided to get back on it and do some of my uni work. I read through emails and just sorted some work out which I still need to finish tomorrow. This involved a lot to do with my dissertation research study at the moment. A lot of pieces I need to put together before I can go out and get participants.

5:30pm: I am taking a break from uni work and now cooking dinner. Tonight it’s simple and plain haha, just some chicken and veg with gravy. You can’t really go wrong with that to be honest haha.

The rest of the evening will be spent catching up with Ryan and talking about our days. I then need to prep for an important phone call tomorrow! I will probably also read some more before bed, and just watch some TV.

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February Fashion…👗👖

I haven’t been out to shop for myself in a while- what with Christmas taking over my budget and just not really having much time.

However, I had a day off in January and decided to have a little “me time”- which I think we all should do as it is so important. Thus, resulting in me buying a few things.

Therefore, to start off February I thought I would share my fashion pieces that I bought that I have been wearing and will wear throughout feb! 🌟 (not sponsored- but everything I mention is from Zara or New look)


These leather shorts were the first things I saw when I walked into Zara, and honestly I fell in love! They are just great fashion statement pieces, and you can wear them in winter with tights or even in summer. Plus they fit so well and are comfy, and I just love styling shorts. Yes I got them in two colours.

2. Tops

Firstly I got a long-sleeved crop top: This is comfy and weirdly soft. You can wear it with jeans, or as I wore it to uni underneath a short sleeved top (a trend which I love).

Sparkly top: They only had a large in this top however, I loved the idea of wearing it as a dress type top thing (great description haha). I am quite short so it fit perfectly and you can wear it with tights with some boots or without when it gets a bit warmer. Plus who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle to an outfit?

Cut out crop top: I really liked this and for £5 you can’t really go wrong. I love the cute cut out at the sides and again you can wear this with jeans, or dress it up for a night out. *However, (story time) I actually did wear this to a party and as I was dancing the side ripped all the way down (like how?!), and I had to improvise by tying the sides together*😂 

Basic tops: I got a couple of other tops including this orange and black one- both simple and comfy and just what I needed as my other basic tops (which I have had for years) are fading haha. It was about time.

Also in most of the pictures I am wearing jeans with cut outs at the knee. I also bought these as well and I LOVE them haha. They are so stretchy- which is great when I go out and get bloated haha. But honestly I have not stopped wearing them!

New look: I only got a couple of things. Firstly some new boots- as my current ones broke so they were needed. Also I loved the gold on the heel it just looks super cute. Secondly I bought a bikini as I had to throw some of my others away as they got too small (I forgot to take pictures but at the top you might be able to see them in the background).

what are some fashion pieces you are loving at the moment? Tell me if you have any favourites of the pieces I have mentioned above in the comments?

I very rarely buy clothes- literally my wardrobe is full of clothes I have been wearing since I was 14/15 haha. But sometimes I like to just treat myself. I am just a massive fan of re-wearing outfits haha, and not one to buy a new outfit for every occasion.

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London date night: Shake Shack🍔🍟

Last Friday was the day that me and my best friend from my undergraduate degree decided to meet up! Trust me it had been a while (Christmas 2017 to be exact), so to say I was excited is a bit of an understatement haha.

I had uni during the day so I absolutely shattered (masters life has me drained 24/7). But knowing I was seeing my best friend got me through.

Anyone that has uni friends will understand how difficult it is when you finish your degree and all move back home how hard it is to see everyone. Especially if like me your friends are all over the UK. Even more so right now for me as my masters has practically taken over my life!

Anyway before I ramble basically we decided to meet for dinner about 5pm (as I finish uni at 4pm). We picked “Shake Shack” as neither of us had been there and so we both wanted to try it!

I ordered a chicken burger and cheese fries. The cheese fries was a must because during our undergraduate it just became a thing for us to get cheese fries haha. Honestly the food was absolutely delicious and I was blown away! Definitely recommend it to anyone, and I would give it a 9/10. I mean you can’t really go wrong with chicken and fries haha, but it was pretty great.

We then went to costa (so we could chat more haha), got a drink and exchanged presents. So basically we have this thing where we buy each other presents to make up for the birthdays and christmas’ that we miss. It is super cute of us, and I love it.

A few hours is not enough time but I value every second I can with my friends from uni because it means so much!

Have you been to shake shack? What food places do you love or recommend? 

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Dance Diaries Part 1💃🏼:

This is a slightly different post but I think it’s going to be interesting. It’s going to be a little series with updates every now and then of my dancing journey. I actually love the title haha.

Lets go to the beginning… basically I used to dance when I was 8 years old until I was about 13/14 years old, and I even competed and got my certificates etc. It was literally my ultimate passion, and still is.

However, when I stopped at age 13/14 it was due to lack of lessons or access to lessons. There was nothing in my area for me to continue, and I started to feel bad that I had to rely on my parents to take me to my lessons.

It was hard and I definitely lost a part of me giving it up, and I have wanted nothing more than to dance ever since.

Last year something changed (I dunno what) within me and I just knew I had to dance again.  The only reason I keep putting it off is because I was scared. I don’t know why, I don’t know if it was scared of embarrassing myself or not being good enough. But I just kept putting it off.

I finally decided that January would be the time for me to book that lesson and just go. What did I have to lose? New year, new me and all that jazz haha!

Then it all changed because I FINALLY went to my first lesson and just went for it. I was incredibly nervous and did not know what to expect, who would be there and what would happen…

But it was FINE. I didn’t hurt myself, I didn’t embarrass myself, everyone was lovely and funny. There was a mixture of age groups and it was just amazing. It just made me think why didn’t I do it sooner? And that is something that has held me back a lot of times, and really I should just go for it.

About the lesson I did start when they were nearly finished a routine (which was fun haha)… trying to learn a whole dance in 1 lesson was hard. But I had so much fun and I knew this was where I was meant to be. Plus I picked it up a lot quicker than I thought.

Overall: I am so glad I went for it and took that step to do my dancing again. I am happy and this is me, and I have been dancing all around the house. Also I never once felt embarrassed whilst dancing, and the teacher was just so lovely and nice.

Some advice for you guys is to just go for it and don’t let anything or any doubts in your head stop you. If you don’t like it at least you will know and you don’t have to do it again. Otherwise you will always have that “what if” and life is too short for that.

Do what you love and let no one stop you 💚

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Update: Masters life📚

Considering I have done a term of my masters (like what the hell?!), I thought it would be good to talk about how it’s going and my experience. Maybe can help if anyone is considering a masters.

*disclaimer: everyone is different and every place is different and we all will have different experiences. This is just my view/my experience.*

1. It is bloody hard.

Now of course I kinda knew before that it must be hard (it is a masters after all), however the step up from an undergraduate degree to masters is unbelievable. I know it’s not just me because everyone on my course says the same.

2. Limited support.

I think I took for granted the amazing support I got during my undergraduate degree. My tutors were amazing and helped me so much, the lecturers were all lovely and always willing to help. In comparison to this university where everyone seems rude or not willing to provide support. Information is just given to us and it is not known what we are supposed to do… I love doing the course and it’s a step closer to my career. This could depend on the university though, because as I said my undergraduate was amazing.

3. I learn a lot.

I have met some amazing people from different countries and from different university’s, and there are only 15 of us so it is intimate and we are all close friends. I love that because you hear different perspectives and we can all have nerdy discussions haha. That’s definitely better than an being an undergrad where there is over a 100 of you. But also the lecturers do love more group discussions. Which to be fair has given me a lot more confidence.

4. The struggle to juggle.

Not gonna lie I laughed and enjoyed that sentence above ^😂. Basically what I mean is the workload is a LOT and the expectations of you as a student are HIGH and it’s crazy. But also working part time and doing a masters is literally a struggle. I am constantly tired and have no social life- it’s great haha! My only social life is going for a run or to the gym haha! But I do try to balance with seeing friends or date nights with Ryan to relax me.

Therefore so far, I have realised it is hard work. So I would recommend if you are thinking about doing a masters to do your research, look around different university’s and really investigate the subject you want to do. But also don’t worry if you are struggling, because a masters is hard and you will get through it! Plus getting that masters at the end of it will be worth it and all your hard work will pay off.

I also recommend thinking about whether you can afford to not work and just focus on your masters, because if I didn’t need the money I definitely would not be working. So think about your options and finances as well.

Good luck if you do decide or are doing a masters! If not then good luck everyone else on your careers 😊.

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Gemm xx


Workout gear and motivation…🏃🏼‍♀️

January is here and that means many fitness and health goals, and my gym has particularly become overpacked with all abilities aiming (well I assume) to become better and healthier. I love it! Therefore, I want to talk about some brands I love and some gym essentials…
*disclaimer: this is not an ad nor am I getting paid for this post, I just love fitness so thought I would share some brands etc I feel are great for working out/running that have worked well with me*
Of course I have to start off with Nike because they are my absolute go to brand- mainly for their shoes. They are the only shoes I will use for running or training in the gym. They just fit me so well, I love vibrant colours and they last me so well! Although I always make sure to change my running shoes regularly. Shoes I have never worried about the price so much but I don’t go overboard.
For Christmas I got these amazing golden leggings from Nike (from my parents) and I adore them! They match my golden tick Nike top that I bought myself last year and it’s just fab. They are comfy, fit well and look great! And I always feel that’s the best when you know you are going to work out or run. I just think their stuff is just great quality.
Gym Shark 
This is another great brand, and I am in love with their colours and style! I have only recently found them and tried them, but I love the comfort of their leggings and their stuff just makes me feel good about myself. Sometimes that is motivation enough for me haha. However, this is another pricey brand.

Of course I am aware they are expensive so other brands I like are…

Pink Soda

I love these brand and I have a couple of sports bras, tops and leggings from this brand. I think you can find them in JD Sports and they are more affordable if that’s what you are looking for. You can always find deals as well which is great! Again the quality is pretty good and long lasting. I definitely recommend this brand!

Lastly, you can of course go with other places like Primark or other high street brands. These are affordable and I have worn Primark work out gear before and it’s not bad. However personally for me I don’t mind paying a bit more and I prefer the other three brands I have mentioned just for comfort and long-lasting wear.

But obviously it depends on the person and how you feel. Definitely try a few different brands and see what works best for you. That’s what I recommend! Personally when I pick workout out clothes I 100% pick for comfort but also I like to think about how it looks because if it doesn’t suit me I don’t wanna wear it. So definitely consider what makes you feel good and what fits well.
Some other things I like to have is my garmin watch! It definitely helps me keep on top of my running miles and it’s great- I love the app!! Also my towel which is great at the gym, when a good work out happens you do tend to get sweaty. Lastly, I have a “waist bag” type thing for my running so I can have my keys and phone on me (I believe it was from sports direct). Also don’t forget to have water and stay hydrated!!
Having a good outfit definitely motivates me. But also Ryan (my boyfriend- you can find out more about us here) is my biggest motivator. Especially when I don’t feel like running he is there to remind me how I will feel after. But I think it’s important to motivate yourself too, learn to love yourself and love working out/work out for the right reasons. Work out to make yourself feel good and not for anyone else! 💚
What fitness brands do you like or recommend? What motivates you to workout or run? 
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Day in my life: University Stress📚

Here we back with another day in my life!
As a masters student I am trying my best to just research as much as I can and write as best as I can. I have never worked so hard in my life. There have been days I have felt not good enough for a masters, but I am working on it.
Today is a day of sorting out key bits for my dissertation and placement. So let’s go…
I had a little lay in today and woke up at 8:30am (well I did wake up at 6:30am when Ryan got up to go to work) but I still went back to sleep.
– 8:30am: Netflix and breakfast I finally finished “YOU” and I have to say I was not expecting the ending haha. Definitely hope to see another season, but I won’t say no more if you haven’t watched it etc.
– 10:00 am: after the last episode I then decided to shower and get ready for the day. Love the fresh feeling after the shower, despite the laziness when it comes to wanting to shower haha!
-12:30pm: by this time I usually like to make some lunch. Today I opted for an omelette. This week has gone well for healthy eating!
– as today was a prep for the start of my term I just went over emails, sorted out some advertisements for my study and then some blog stuff.
-2:00pm: tidy up time! For some strange reason this weird cleaning frenzy has overcome me!! I just have the need to clean haha. Don’t know why. I have always loved washing up and hoovering. So these I have been doing. I have also been cleaning the whole kitchen and even the bathroom! As well as my room. It’s weird. So I just did some of that for an hour.
4:00pm: I took a break and as my dad also had the day off we played some PS4 together haha! We rarely get time to do this anymore so it was nice.
6:30pm: After the PS4 I have just been getting ready, had some beans and sausages for dinner and I am ready to go out. Basically I am going with my parents to see a pantomime which my brother and his girlfriend and their friends are always in every year! It’s very cute and only a small theatre but I still am proud of them so much!
Also on one last note I passed my practical driving test!! Super happy and glad to kick off 2019 with some great news.
That is it for today! If you enjoyed give a like, comment and follow! 💚 you can catch up on my previous post here. Thanks for reading,
Gemm xx

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