Day in my life: University Stress📚

Here we back with another day in my life!
As a masters student I am trying my best to just research as much as I can and write as best as I can. I have never worked so hard in my life. There have been days I have felt not good enough for a masters, but I am working on it.
Today is a day of sorting out key bits for my dissertation and placement. So let’s go…
I had a little lay in today and woke up at 8:30am (well I did wake up at 6:30am when Ryan got up to go to work) but I still went back to sleep.
– 8:30am: Netflix and breakfast I finally finished “YOU” and I have to say I was not expecting the ending haha. Definitely hope to see another season, but I won’t say no more if you haven’t watched it etc.
– 10:00 am: after the last episode I then decided to shower and get ready for the day. Love the fresh feeling after the shower, despite the laziness when it comes to wanting to shower haha!
-12:30pm: by this time I usually like to make some lunch. Today I opted for an omelette. This week has gone well for healthy eating!
– as today was a prep for the start of my term I just went over emails, sorted out some advertisements for my study and then some blog stuff.
-2:00pm: tidy up time! For some strange reason this weird cleaning frenzy has overcome me!! I just have the need to clean haha. Don’t know why. I have always loved washing up and hoovering. So these I have been doing. I have also been cleaning the whole kitchen and even the bathroom! As well as my room. It’s weird. So I just did some of that for an hour.
4:00pm: I took a break and as my dad also had the day off we played some PS4 together haha! We rarely get time to do this anymore so it was nice.
6:30pm: After the PS4 I have just been getting ready, had some beans and sausages for dinner and I am ready to go out. Basically I am going with my parents to see a pantomime which my brother and his girlfriend and their friends are always in every year! It’s very cute and only a small theatre but I still am proud of them so much!
Also on one last note I passed my practical driving test!! Super happy and glad to kick off 2019 with some great news.
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Gemm xx

The Boyfriend Tag… 💑

I actually saw this on a blog I love called “two of a mind”. However I am not sure if their site is under construction but for some reason it won’t let me link their site or even find it. But I really enjoyed reading it and I love their posts so that’s where I got the inspiration…

Therefore, I thought (well asked my lovely other half) we could do this tag! So let’s welcome Ryan to my blog, how exciting!

  1. Where did we first meet?

Ryan: We first met on an athletics social in POP WORLD at university. Although apparently, you had already asked a mutual friend who I was a few months beforehand.

Gemma: That is very true haha! However, I actually first saw you the year before when I was watching my friends on athletics at varsity and you were competing and that’s when I first asked about you haha.

2. Where was our first date?

Ryan: Our first date was to Frankie & Benny’s because who doesn’t love Italian?

Gemma: Yeah it was, and I was excited and nervous haha. But it was super cute.

3. What was your first impression of me?

Ryan: When we first met I thought “wow she’s got nice eyes”. The second time I saw you, I felt like you was a bit shy and reserved but also kinda cute.

Gemma: I do have big eyes, and aww that’s nice. I definitely am shy but now I definitely am not haha.

4. When did you meet my family?

Ryan: I first your family about 5 or 6 months after we had got together. I was apprehensive at first but was quickly made to feel welcome.

Gemma: I was also nervous. But I’m glad you all got on and I love how you get on with them now. 

5. Do I have any weird obsessions?

Ryan: Not anything out of the ordinary.

Gemma: I can’t even think of any either.

6. How long have we been together?

Ryan: We are coming up to our three-year anniversary. Time has gone by so quickly!!

Gemma: That is crazy long!!

7. Do we have any traditions?

Ryan: Every Christmas we have been together we have gone to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. I suppose it is kind of our yearly tradition.

Gemma: Honestly one of my favourite things. I love the fact I can share Winter Wonderland with you. But I am sure we will have so many other traditions too.

8. Where was our first holiday?

Ryan: Our first holiday together was to a hotel and spa called ‘Sandos San Blas’. I had been there before previously with my family, so I wanted to share that experience with Gemma.

Gemma: It was such a lovely place and I had never been before! Plus, we got to experience Siam Park together which was amazing! Definitely recommend that if you ever go to Tenerife to go to Siam Park.

9. What was the first thing you noticed         about me?

Ryan: Your eyes. Probably your most prominent feature. The shape, the size, the colour.

Gemma: That’s fair enough haha!

10. What is my favourite restaurant?

Ryan: Anywhere you can get pizza.

Gemma: That’s true haha, pizza is my go-to food!

11. What do we argue about the most?

Ryan: I’m a bit of a neat freak, so mainly that!

Gemma: I wouldn’t say we argue, we hardly argue. But we do bicker sometimes and yes I am a messy person haha! But I am trying my best I promise.

12. Who wears the trousers in the relationship?

Ryan: I would say me as I think you are too laid back.

Gemma: I mean I wish I could say me but yes I am too chilled.

13. If I’m watching TV, what am I watching?

Ryan: If we are talking Netflix then you are watching Riverdale, you don’t really watch much traditional TV.

Gemma: That’s true, I actually watch a lot of Netflix. I mean Gossip Girl is the ultimate favourite. I also started watched “YOU” and that was really good. Also I am watching “Sons of Anarchy” at the moment with you so I am just waiting for you to want to watch it cause I need to know what happens!!

14. What is one food I don’t like?

Ryan: Bacon!!!! How can you not like bacon!! I’m still in shock!

Gemma: This is pretty much the reaction I get all the time, but I just don’t like it. I am not a massive meat-eater. I will eat chicken and occasionally try to eat other meats, but I prefer fish and veg stuff haha!

15. What drink do I order if we go out?

Ryan: I’m not sure if you have a set drink. Maybe a spirit and a mixer. First time we met you made me do a shot of Tequila ewww.

Gemma: Yeah, I don’t really have a set drink, it’s just whatever I fancy at the time. Yes, I did and that was horrible, bad decision from me haha!

16. What size are my feet?

Ryan: A 5 I think.

Gemma: Correct. But you always think it’s 6!

17. What is my favourite kind of sandwich?

Ryan: Not sure I’ve ever seen you eat a sandwich. Cheese and tomato wraps are all you can eat for lunch I swear.

Gemma: That is true I live on those wraps haha! I don’t really like sandwiches (Weird I know) but I do have marmite ones sometimes (yes also weird).

18. What is one talent I have?

Ryan: You are creative. You are very good at drawing anime and you can play the piano.

Gemma: Thank you. I have always been creative and I have always been independent in teaching myself to play the piano or guitar I have never had lessons! Just love creativity.

19. What is my favourite cereal?

Ryan: Again, not really sure I have ever seen you eat cereal!

Gemma: That’s true I don’t. I like toast and then some fruit but if I was to eat cereal it probably would be Weetabix.

20. Where was our first kiss?

Ryan: Our first kiss was when we first met

Gemma: How romantic of us haha! But, look at us now so who cares haha

21. What colour are my eyes?

Ryan: This is why they stood out so much to me. Your eyes are a mix of blue, green and hazel.

Gemma: My eyes are very unique haha.

22. What is something you do I wish you wouldn’t?

Ryan: I go quiet when I am upset rather than talking and resolving the issue.

Gemma: That is so true!

23. What kind of cake would you bake me for my birthday?

Ryan: Chocolate cake!! Is there anything better?!?

Gemma: That is so true, it is my favourite!

24. What can I spend hours doing?

Ryan: Watching youtube, listening to music or looking at houses online.

Gemma: that is pretty spot on haha! Also though I think I could spend hours just playing my piano and guitar.

25. If I could live anywhere where would it be?

Ryan: You like the idea of moving to Canada, but I don’t think that would be long term. In terms of the UK we both love Brighton and Sevenoaks. Both are completely different from one another so maybe they represent different stages of our lives.

Gemma: That is all so true! I have always wanted to go to Canada and would love to live there. However, you are right I definitely could not live there forever especially as I am such a family person and I could not not be around them for that long haha! But I definitely would love to live abroad somewhere for a few months just to do it really haha.

Well that is all 25 questions haha! Really hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed doing it. Thank you Ryan for agreeing and doing this with me!

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Gemm xx


Day in my life: Day off💫

I love reading this and I love the weekly ones as well, plus I love the videos on YouTube as well! So I thought I would write one haha!

Firstly I like to start off with breakfast and tea, and when I am off I love to eat/drink this in bed whilst watching Netflix, YouTube or tv. Especially during these cold and dark mornings!

Other days I would normally do some chores, do any work I need to do and go for a run however, today I just wanted to relax. This week has been full of an exam and coursework deadlines so far… so I needed a little break.

Whilst my parents and boyfriend were off to work today I decided to have a little shopping spree and time by myself. Sometimes that is just what I need. Personally I love shopping by myself.

Once I got myself ready I set out for the bus (normally I like to go out early because then when I get back I still have the rest of the day to relax) at about 9:20ish. I went to a shopping centre slightly further away today (normally takes about 40 minutes on the bus). However, it has a mixture of high street shops and high end shops so that’s what I love about it!

Once I had returned from shopping I put all my stuff away and then got my running gear on because I wanted to go for a run! Running just makes me feel so good and healthy and I have become in love with it, thanks to my athletic boyfriend haha!

I then got back had a nice little stretch and then showered! Then I just collapsed onto the sofa and just relaxed watching some YouTube haha- just what I needed!

I am finally ending the day with making dinner; tonight’s menu is chicken pie and veg which me and Ryan (the bf) love! Then I will probably get into bed and just relax until bed!

What do you like to do with your days off? 

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You can catch up on the previous post here. And I will be back Sunday and joined by the other half Ryan so stay tuned for that! 💚

Gemm xx

2019 Goals….🎉💫✨

2018 was a great year for me despite everyone around me saying how crap it was. For me personally I had a great year in terms of confidence and self esteem and I triumphed better than I ever thought I would… I went to a show by myself, I did a half marathon, I started my masters and started to learn how to drive. I have a lot I want to attempt this year, and I also like to integrate them into my monthly and weekly goals. Let’s go…

1. Compete in another half-marathon + race 

I did my first half-marathon last year and loved it so I would love to do another one, beat my time as well. But also I would love to do another race, potentially 10 miles.

2. Pass my practical driving test 

I started driving in August last year and I would really like to kick start 2019 by passing this and getting it out of the way!

3. Get a distinction in my masters (self-explanatory) 

4. Dancing 

I used to do street dancing for about 5 years and I loved it- honestly was my passion and I have regretted giving it up ever since. I always dance whenever I can so I would love to get back into it. Also I would love to start ballroom dancing. Lets go 2019 Gemma!

5. Get more organised 

By this I mean with my masters work, with my blog posts and scheduling etc. I just wanna be more organised haha!

6. New job 

Yeah this was on my last year goals, however this year I mean it and by April I want to start looking whilst I am finishing my masters for a research assistant kind of job.

7. Proper house/flat searching

So me and Ryan (my boyfriend) have been looking on Zoopla and Right move and all those property sites but now is the time to start actually looking around and seeing places first hand!

8. Grow my blog

I want to learn more about my blog (even with my crazy hectic schedule haha), and I want to grow my audience and just learn more and interact more with people.

9. Visit a different country 

I want to explore more, and I need to stop putting it off and just start doing it. I want experiences and to socialise with different people, and learn about different cultures.

10. Read 5 books

I mean I am starting small because I don’t know how much time I will actually have until the end of the year. But I want to read more definitely.

There you have it! My long list of goals haha. As I said I usually implement this goals into my monthly and weekly goals as well and just plan ahead when I want to achieve them etc.

What are some of your goals for 2019? Do you like setting goals or do you prefer monthly type goals? 

Thanks for reading and for the support 💚

Gemm xx


What I got for Christmas…🎄

Hello my lovelies I am back! I had so much fun doing blogmas for the first time. But I am super excited for this year and to continue to learn and grow my blog.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and new year. I am definitely back in work mode now sadly, and I know how much work I have to do this term for my masters. However, for a moment let’s just think back to Christmas (I am not ready for it to be over yet), so here’s some stuff I got…

*disclaimer I am not trying to show off I just love reading/watching these and I wanted to just do one 😊

1. Harry Potter

Yes I love Harry Potter, I have been to the Harry Potter studios twice and I am going again in December haha! As you may tell from the picture I am a hufflepuff so of course for Christmas my friends and family had to go all out on making sure I am stocked on the gear haha! I adore my top and it’s so comfy. I also got loads of socks, a bottle and some cute pins and I just love them.

2. Gift basket

My friend made me this cute basket and filled it with my favourite things. It had some socks, hot chocolate in a mug, a cookie making mixture in a bottle, and of course sweets. It was just such a cute idea and I love sentimental gifts.

3. Other gifts

Some other gifts I got were a scarf, notebooks, candles, face masks, shower stuff, lush bath bombs, gym running leggings and a disco type light thing (I don’t know what it’s called haha). I never ask for much and I love all the things I got and always make use of them all.

4. Gifts from the boyfriend

My boyfriend proper spoilt me this year and I am so grateful! Firstly he bought me this gorgeous earrings (they are cute little bumblebees) and I just adore them! I have been trying to find a pair for ages and my boyfriend found the perfect ones! He also bought me a game for my PlayStation (I am a gamer haha) and this cute jumper (below)! I am incredibly lucky!

5. Jumper

Lastly my brother and his girlfriend got me this cute jumper from New Look and it is definitely my style. It is burgundy and off the shoulder, and has the cutest tie style down the back which I LOVE. It is super comfy but also cute and that’s just great!

Of course I didn’t really ask for much this year so I got money from most of my family or vouchers so yeah 😊. I am definitely still holding onto the last few moments of my Christmas memories, but it will officially be over tomorrow when the decorations come down. I am sad haha!

What did you guys get for Christmas? What was your favourite present?

Hope you enjoyed this post, you can catch up on my previous post here.

I shall see you Sunday for my goals for the year!

Gemm xx


Blogmas day 24: Reflection of the Year…🎉🎄

I cannot believe this is the last blogmas, hasn’t it gone quick? Christmas is tomorrow guys… like WHAT?!

A perfect way to end blogmas is for me to reflect on my goals I set myself for this year. So let’s go…

1. Read More 

I have certainly read a lot at the end of this year because my masters requires a lot of reading haha. However, I wouldn’t say I have read a lot of books that I intended at the start of the year.

2. Take more pictures/videos 

This one I definitely smashed because I have taken so many for my blog but also personally in my life I have taken a lot and I am so happy! I have especially used my instax camera a lot and I just love Polaroid’s so much 👍🏼

3. Continue learning German 

I guess I sort of done this one. I mean I have tried and learnt some sentences but I wouldn’t say to the extent I thought. I have my German book but I think I need another way to learn it- maybe get a tutor. I will do this!!

4. Do a run in some event 

Boy did I smash this one and I am most proud of this one. I did my first ever half-marathon and I trained and worked so hard (as a beginner) and it was the best day ever. You can check out my post on that here. I can’t believe I did this one but I definitely plan on doing more!

5. Do more cooking 

I have also done this one and experimented a lot with different recipes and flavours and again I have had so much fun with this. I definitely intend to do more!

6. Change jobs 

Well this one never happened. At the start of the year I was very unhappy at my job however because I made a decision to do my masters I then went part time and it’s not too bad anymore. I am more concentrated on my masters. But because I know I will leave it and go into a different field when I’m finished my masters I’m not too worried. Plus it always helps to get money haha.

I guess I could say I did do a good job haha. I will post my new goals for 2019 at the beginning of January and for now I will be having a break from blogging until then!

I wish you all a happy Christmas and new year! Thank you all for the love and support and comments and likes, I appreciate it all so much!! 💚💚

Have any of you completed your goals?

Thanks for reading, leave a like or comment! I shall see you soon.

Gemm xx


Blogmas day 23: A Family tradition…🎄

I cannot believe we are near the end of blogmas and tomorrow will be my last post and then I will be taking a break until the new year! It has flown by.

I have one tradition I wanted to dedicate a whole post to, even though I wrote about traditions in an earlier post which you can check out here.

Basically Christmas Eve would have been my nans birthday, but sadly she passed away when I was only 2 years old. However, she used to live in Hastings and she owned a cute little pub in the old town.

Therefore, Hastings has always had a special place in my heart and my family’s. So the tradition we sort of started was to go back to that pub every year on her birthday (or near it because my mum has work or I do), and just sit in the pub and have a drink.

My family normally share all the memories of the times in the pub, and I wish I could remember. But I love hearing them and imagining the wonderful times.

This tradition is one of my favourites and I hope to keep it up even when I have my own children and share it with them.

I don’t want this to be a sad post but rather one to appreciate those around you at Christmas time. To laugh and smile and have fun, but pay attention to your family. But also to make your own traditions and just have a great Christmas 😊🎄

Share any memories you have with your family that you love. Or do you have any traditions that you hope to keep up? 

Thanks for reading, give a like if you have enjoyed or follow for more posts! 🎄🎁 Stay tuned for the last blogmas post tomorrow!

Gemm xx

Blogmas day 22: Christmas Walks…🎄

I have mentioned in a few of my posts which you can read here and here. You can check them out if you want to and leave a like and comment. 💚 But basically I wanted to talk about how great a Christmas walk really is.

(This house was in Hastings UK and it was like a snow kingdom and it was amazing! This was last year and it just blew me away).

I absolutely love going for walks anyway but during the winter months it’s just a little bit more special I think. Spending a lot of time indoors and trying to keep warm sometimes it is just nice to get some fresh air and just walk around.

You just gotta remember to wrap up cause it can be cold! The hat, the scarf the whole lot haha! Plus I recommend going for the walk during the evening because you can really admire all the Christmas lights.

For some reason I feel like all the houses on my street have gone mad on the outside lights, there are just so many and I am not complaining because I love it haha (anyone else feel like people have gone more crazy with the decorations this year?).

A winter walk might put you off but it doesn’t have to be long and trust me when you go with a partner, family or friend/friends you can talk or just be silent. You can even go for a walk by yourself and it would still be just as great (trust me I have done that many times haha).

Do you go on winter walks? Are there any houses you have seen that have gone all out on decorations? 

Thanks for reading and for the support and love during blogmas! I have tried so hard and been enjoying it so much. Give a like if you enjoyed and follow for some more posts! 💚

Gemm xx



Blogmas day 21: Chocolate Orange Cakes… 🧡🍰

Today I experimented with making some cakes and I wanted to use “Terry’s Chocolate Orange” because it’s one of my favourite chocolates.

I have never blogged a recipe before so I don’t really know how it works… but I will sort of explain along the way haha.


  • 3 eggs
  • self raising flour 100g
  • cocoa powder 22g
  • Butter (marg) 120g
  • caster suger 120g
  • zest of orange
  • Chocolate orange

Step 1

First I measured all my ingredients out and then put them into my mixer and let that mix for a few minutes. Normally when I think it’s ready I like to try some just to make sure it tastes alright haha.

Step 2

Once it has mixed properly I then set all my cupcake cases out (I got these ones from Asda) and then put the mix into the cases evenly. Leaving some room at the top because they will rise.

Step 3

I think proceed to put them into the oven for about 15-20 minutes. They really do not take long at all so just keep an eye on them. I normally put a knife into the cake and pull it out and if there’s no cake on the knife that’s when it’s usually ready.

Step 4

Once out of the oven I leave them for a couple of minutes to cool down and then I piped some chocolate into the middle. I used this one from Asda that was already all done for me, all I had to do was stick it into the cake and squeeze.

Step 5

Then I left them to cool down for about another 10-15 minutes. Once cooled down I used some chocolate icing to decorate the cakes and then finished with a slice of Terrys’ chocolate orange on top!

Step 6 

Now you can relax and eat as many cakes as you want! I am really proud of myself and they actually tasted really nice!!

*I made about 12 cakes with the ingredients I listed but I then made another 12 cakes*

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this one and my first ever food related post!

Let me know if you attempt to make these and send me pictures! What are your favourite cakes?

Gemm xx


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