Pack With me🏂

Hello lovelies, I have been quite quiet about my holiday, but I will say that I am going away to Ski (well I will be snowboarding). It has been a dream of mine since I was 10 to go on a ski holiday. I first learnt on a dry slope about 6 years ago, and... Continue Reading →

Self-Care Habits in 2020

Hello loves, I wanted to begin the year with this post (after my goals for the year post), to kickstart the year in the best way possible! Also I got some inspiration from the lovely Brogan Tate, with her list as we both have similar goals for our self-care so check that out! Last year... Continue Reading →


Hello 2020 and goodbye 2019. 2019 was a crazy year. I started off the year a bit all over the place, not really loving my Masters but still powering through, stressed with work and trying to get through my driving practical. Coming to the end of the year and looking back I mean I made... Continue Reading →

December Overview

Hi my lovelies! We are back with the last review of the year! I actually cannot believe that I am writing that. I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and Boxing day, whatever you did. There were many things to love about December, I mean December does involve all the festivities. So let's get... Continue Reading →

Changes in 2020

Hi lovelies, so before the year is up I want to talk about some pretty big changes around here. I really hope you will still follow me on my new journey, and also please do let me know what you think. I think I have mentioned a few times previously that I wanted to read/research... Continue Reading →

2019 throwback

Hello all, it is officially Christmas Eve! Wow I can't believe I am actually saying that. However, as I have been reflecting a lot recently, I thought it would be cool to look back on some of my favourite posts throughout this year. I mean we gotta praise ourselves sometimes right? Overall, I have really... Continue Reading →

Festivities: Hastings Trip

Hi lovelies, there is a couple more festive posts before it's Christmas! That honestly blows my mind. Today I am going to be talking briefly about my trip to Hastings. I mentioned when I did blogmas last year in my traditions post (you can check that out here) that every year we go down to... Continue Reading →

What Christmas Means to me🎄

Hi lovelies, hope you have all been enjoying the festive period! I honestly cannot believe next week is Christmas! I was kind of hoping this month would go slow so I could enjoy every minute. Anyway today I wanted to keep it short and sweet and talk about what Christmas means to me. I have... Continue Reading →

Festive Baking

Nothing quite like some baking around Christmas to get me into the festive spirit. I have really been getting into baking and cooking a lot more. Therefore, what better than sharing what I have been up to and hopefully inspire you in some way! I have made some shortbread and chocolate cake so will be... Continue Reading →

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